Conference venue


The venue for ICCSA conference is here 👇     (just updated!)
The nearest campus entrance by taxi is called Katehaki (Πύλη Κατεχάκη - Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο)

Map of Venue and Conference Rooms

The 23rd International Conference on Computational Science and Its Application

How to get there

We strongly recommend the participants to manage to share a taxi to reach the Conference Venue: it is fastest and not expensive (bus ticket costs 1.4€, the taxi fee is approx 6€)

NTUA can be reached by public means of transportation[1] in the following ways:


  • By bus number 608 and 230, Athens-Zographou line. The "8th of ZOGRAFOU'' stop is very close to the Zographou entrance of the campus.


  • By bus number 242, which leaves from the Metro Station "Katechaki" and stops inside the Zografou Campus.


Cars (taxis or private) can enter the campus through the entrance gates of Kokkinopoulou str. and Katechaki Avenue (free parking area available).

[1] Timetables and transportation info can be accessed here: