1.  I haven't received the Notification yet. What can I do?
    We are doing our best. However, some reviews for several reasons haven't been submitted by the reviewers. We have to reallocate the work to other reviewers, and this process requires time... Please be patient. In such cases, the deadlines for registration and payment will be moved to May 25, 2022. Thanks a lot for your kind collaboration.
  2. I need the VAT number to appear in the receipt produced by the system. How can I work that out?
    Access your profile from the blue button 'My Account' at the top right. Check that all fields are up to date. You can specify VAT in the info.
  3. I tried to pay after registering, but the system reported an error condition. What happened to the transaction? Will I be charged the money? How can I solve the problem and pay? This can happen quite easily for various reasons. You may have done something wrong when entering your credit card details, or the payment system does not accept your card, even if it is valid (we have reported the problem to the payment processors, but such cases can still occur, and we apologise for this). An important guideline is to specify the name of the cardholder EXACTLY as it is written on the card, WITHOUT ACCENTED LETTERS.
    If the transaction returns an error condition, you will not be charged. Repeat the operation. If the error persists, try another credit card. If there are still problems, make a bank transfer.